Nothing Like Us

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"No, no, no! It’s disgusting. That’s not happening. Condoms are not the same thing! My dick doesn’t bleed for a week and condoms are changed after the fun, yours are changed after every four hours of hell!"image

Sam rolled her eyes,” Dylan, seriously that’s ridiculous and if you know those are four hours of hell, why aren’t you helping!?” She gave him puppy eyes,” Gosh! And wow! so I’m supposed to help you and give you “fun” but the moment I asked you to do something for me you don’t want to!” 

"So, you’re telling me that we ran out of Nutella? WHAT A CRUEL WORLD!" 



that you want to be mine?

Of course darling, all is that a yes? 

As Long As You Love Me || closed 


Peyton sighed and rose to her feet, following him. She paused. To her left was her home. To her right was her future. Peyton knew that too. Her father was out of control. If her could fight Jackson that easily who knew when he would snap on her. It honestly scared her. Hearing Jackson’s car engine start snapped her from her thoughts and she slid into the passenger seat. The girl said nothing but pushed her glasses up on her nose and leaned into the floorboard, digging through her backpack for one of her books, even if it was dark outside.

Jackson sighed and looked over at her,” I’d buy you that new book collection,  you’ll see…” He gave her a half smile and move closer kissing her cheek softly multiple times,” I’m sorry, sometimes I get mad…. and I know is a really bad habit to just explode on you, but i promise Peyton…I love you more than my own life and I am trying to change because of you.” He looked at her eyes sweetly,” Look, I never really opened up to anyone as  I do with you, and still you don’t know everything about me. You don’t know exactly how hard is to give up on everything i know just be able to be with you. The gang…even if those kids can be dangerous, they’re practically the only family i knew till today, and i’m changing them for you…and all I’m trying to say is..I want you to be happy with me, i hate to see you cry and sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is correct.” 




Yeah, you want to be mine? <3 :* 



noooo it's not
if i was your GIRLFRIEND i'd never let you gooo ;)

Then... be my girlfriend, bae. 

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{Super Rich Kids AU} 


Sam and Tanner had been at the restaurant with their friends for no more than twenty minutes, and he was all ready tired of the incessant complaints about how daddy did this or how the maid walked in on this. With his friends it was always the same things, the same restaurants, and nearly the same stories every time they went out and to be honest with he was sick of it. “Do you want to get out of here?” He questioned as he turned to look at Sam. “I know we haven’t been here long, but can we?”


"How are you even in a AP class?…" Samantha whispered softly to herself, sometimes the things her friends said made her want to scream at them and even throw some books at their faces. She sat quietly listening all the complains about how miserable Tifanny’s life was because her daddy didn’t brought her the bag she wanted, or how much Jonny was about to invest in some stupid thing that we all knew didn’t have a future, but once again he was rich and could do whatever he wanted and still be a billionaire. It got her sick to her stomach. Tanner’s request made her smiled and without thinking it twice she nodded,"Please…" She said starting to put her phone on her crossing bag and making a random excuse why Tanner and her had to leave early.